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The Syrian Civil War caused more than 4.5 million people to flee Syria since the beginning of the conflict. Approximately more than 1.5 million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe, sparking a crisis as the European countries are struggling to cope with the economic, social and political outcomes of this mass migration. In order to look this crises from the eyes of ordinary Syrians who are willing to migrate to Europe, within this project 100 interviews were conducted in 13

Pathways To A Common Future: Youth Perspectives On Turkey-Israel

Authors Burcu Gültekin Punsmann & Senem Çevik Assisted by Seval Kök & Mehmet İlhanlı Political relations between Turkey and Israel have been characterized by long periods of tension interrupted by relatively short periods of rapprochement. Turkey was among the first countries to recognize Israel. Despite the prompt establishment of formal diplomatic relations, the bilateral relations have never been trouble free. Turkey and Israel have been traditionally characterized as ‘Western allies’ grounded on their significant role in a region that is widely known for political