Sense of Citizens in Turkey and Germany on Migration

Migration and migrants are shaping cities and societies and influencing cultures. Migration is defining factor alongside population growth, demographic change and economic crises in shaping sustainable cities of future. Not only Turkey as a border country, but also Europe is face to face refugee crises during the progress of the civil war in Syria. Millions of people are migrating with hope of living peacefully but the citizens are not ready to host that much quests in their district. Hence, migrants bring many problems to public life. Countries should foster progress and authorities needs clear knowledge about migrants, to develop knowledge based policies. Authorities are trying to well-manage progress but sense of citizens shouldn’t be over sighted. Since their attitudes determine welfare and peaceful environment.

Project aims to research public opinion about “refugees” and measure sense of citizens in Turkey. Research will try to emerge Turkish citizens’ considerations about specifically Syrian refugees and refugees’ movement towards to Europe. Research’s sample size will be big enough for representing Turkish population.  All scientific measurement’s results will be announced both in Turkey and Germany.

Fieldwork for this project is limited to Turkey which country influence intensively from millions of ongoing Syrian refugees.